Major Projects


Country Research

Spring 2023

During my time as a student, I had the opportunity to participate in a group project where we researched countries in Africa. Our research delved into various aspects such as demographics, resources, politics, and infrastructure, among others. As a team, we analyzed this information to determine whether or not it would be viable to do business in these countries. Through this project, I developed strong research, analysis, and critical thinking skills, and gained a greater understanding of the complexities involved in doing business in different parts of the world. Our findings helped us make informed recommendations on which countries would be more conducive for business, based on their unique strengths and challenges.


Python Coding

Fall 2022

I completed various projects that allowed me to apply the coding concepts and algorithms we learned in class. For example, I worked on coding Microsoft Excel sheets and performed data analysis using Python. One of our major projects was to create a game using Python, which required us to understand and use various coding principles and libraries. Through these projects, I developed a strong foundation in Python and the ability to use it in a variety of applications.