Job Experiences

Chartwells Compass Group

Marketing Intern

2023 - present

Toledo, Ohio

In my current role as a Marketing Intern at Chartwells Compass Group, I am passionately focused on enhancing the dining experience for renowned national brands such as Chick-fil-A, Subway, and Starbucks, as well as our dynamic internal brands like True Burger and Rocket Dining. My responsibilities include spearheading impactful social media campaigns and events to boost customer engagement and satisfaction. Continual refinement of our marketing strategies is central to my work, ensuring we achieve optimal results and maintain strong brand resonance. I take pride in contributing to the seamless execution of innovative marketing initiatives that are reshaping the dining landscape. My approach combines creativity with strategic thinking to create memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression on both our valued customers and esteemed clients.

Greek House Apparels

Sales & Marketing Intern


Jacksonville, Florida

During my tenure as a Sales and Marketing Intern at Greek House, I had the invaluable opportunity to acquire and apply essential sales and marketing skills directly to the task of selling custom apparel through the platform. Collaborating closely with my manager, I played a pivotal role in identifying decision-makers within diverse groups, initiating contact with leads, and cultivating enduring relationships with both potential and existing clients. Leveraging digital marketing tools, I actively contributed to boosting sales and generating interest. Additionally, I took charge of creating and managing social media profiles, curating engaging content, delivering compelling presentations, and ensuring customer satisfaction. This experience allowed me to contribute significantly to the growth of a high-growth tech company within the custom apparel industry while refining and developing critical skills.

Vitals Official Enterprise

Chief Executive Officer

2021 - 2023

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

As CEO of Vitals Official Enterprise, I oversaw various aspects of the company's operations. In addition to conducting cost analyses and optimizing the company's financial performance, I also played a key role in enhancing the company's digital marketing efforts. By implementing new strategies, I was able to improve engagement among active and inactive clients, driving sales and increasing brand awareness. As part of my efforts to gather customer intelligence, I conducted primary and secondary research, which informed the development of new products and services. Furthermore, I developed the company's website, an online store that helped to expand our reach and increase revenue.

UToledo International Admissions

Student Assistant


Toledo, Ohio

My main responsibility was managing the daily operations of the international office. This included overseeing the entire student recruitment, admissions, and enrollment process. I also served as the head of social media marketing, utilizing digital marketing strategies and creating new content on various social media platforms to increase international student enrollment and engagement. Additionally, I monitored and responded to basic OIA emails and OIA social media, ensuring prompt and effective communication with international students. Overall, I played a crucial role in ensuring the success of the international admission process and enhancing the experience of international students at the university.


2021 - 2022

Toledo, Ohio

I was responsible for preparing a variety of food and beverage items, managing inventory stocking, and providing excellent customer service to over 150 customers daily. Additionally, I demonstrated strong organizational skills by maintaining a clean and safe work environment, adhering to strict sanitation and safety protocols. As a stand-in student manager, I also took on additional responsibilities, such as supervising and training new team members, managing roles, and ensuring that the coffee shop was running efficiently. Through effective communication and interpersonal skills, I was able to build strong relationships with both customers and employees, contributing to a positive and enjoyable work environment.


{x} Coffee



Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I was responsible for preparing food and beverages, managing inventory stocking, and serving over 150 customers daily. I demonstrated strong organizational and customer service skills, maintaining a clean and safe work environment by adhering to strict sanitation and safety protocols. My training included being able to taste various different types of coffees and being able to brew them in various methods such as aeropress, pour over, french press, and more. I was also trained to identify different countries' coffee just by taste and to recommend coffee to customers depending on their liking.