Extra Curricular

Phi Kappa Phi

Chapter Member

2023 - present

Toledo, Ohio

I am proud to be a member of the esteemed Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, which acknowledges academic excellence across all disciplines. My induction into this society was based on my outstanding academic achievements and ranking within the top percentage of my class. Being a member of Phi Kappa Phi is an honor that represents my dedication to excellence in my academic pursuits. It motivates me to strive for even greater accomplishments and to continue to challenge myself to reach new heights in all aspects of my life. I am excited to be a part of this community and look forward to contributing to its mission of promoting scholarship, leadership, and service.

American Marketing Association

Board Member

2023 - Present

Toledo, Ohio

As a member of the American Marketing Association (AMA) since April 2023, I have been able to enhance my marketing knowledge and skills through various opportunities. I have engaged with industry professionals and expanded my network by attending AMA networking events. Additionally, I have stayed up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in marketing by accessing the AMA's extensive collection of industry research and publications. Moreover, I have further developed my marketing skills by participating in AMA's professional development programs and workshops. Being a part of AMA has not only provided me with valuable resources but also allowed me to connect with like-minded professionals and further my career in the field of marketing.

Vice President & Treasurer

2022 - present

Toledo, Ohio

As the Vice President of the Congolese Students Association, I help plan and host events that promote the French language and build community among members. Along with the board members, I contribute to the planning process and help manage the association's budget. In addition to my role as Vice President, I am also the Treasurer, responsible for managing the finances and negotiating for budgets from the International Students Association to fund our events. Through good communication and effective management of resources, we create successful events that bring members together and strengthen our community.

Congolese Students Association

Projeck Team Drip


2018 - 2019

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

As a member of Projeck Team Drip, I had the opportunity to collaborate with various coffee stores in Malaysia and build strong relationships with them. One of my most significant achievements was representing Arkib Kuala Lumpur, a coffee roaster, at the Malaysia Coffee Festival in 2019. I had the chance to brew their coffee in front of hundreds of people, showcasing my skills and knowledge in specialty coffee. As a part of Team Drip, we aim to spread information and knowledge about specialty coffee, bridging the gap between coffee and consumer while sharing our love for coffee. Although we are not affiliated with any organization, we strive to provide a platform where coffee enthusiasts can openly share their thoughts and opinions with each other.

Juice House Toledo


2023 - present

Toledo, Ohio

As a dedicated Marketing and Design Intern for Juice House Toledo, I played a pivotal role in cultivating a vibrant and healthy campus community. Through innovative social media marketing, I created visually captivating templates and icons for the organization's Instagram, elevating engagement and fostering meaningful connections with students and community members. Additionally, I demonstrated my technical prowess by developing their official website on WordPress, providing a user-friendly platform to promote mental and physical wellness initiatives and events. By working collaboratively with a diverse team, I contributed to shaping Juice House Toledo as an influential force for positive change and a catalyst for a healthier, connected city.